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Since 1924, Apis has stood for dynamic entrepreneurship and business excellence. Our organisation is a unique blend of modern practices backed by almost a century of wisdom and experience.

With a primary goal to enhance our customers’ lives with healthy foods made by quality ingredients and state-of-the-art technology, Apis has become a frontrunner in the category of wellness.

We invite to Apis all those looking to forge ahead in their careers and bring to the world of health foods, new ideas, innovative thinking, a pursuit for excellence, and value engineering that can optimise and accelerate our processes.

As leaders in our sector, we look for honest, committed and goal-oriented individuals who have a passion to win and raise the bar in everything they do.

At Apis, we emphasise on teamwork, diversity, out-of-the-box thinking and creative enterprise. We encourage you to take on leadership roles and translate your plans into action. Any successful endeavour is not just a star in your CV, but also a star for our company!

If you have a pulse on the market, are extremely talented, driven by challenges, and can strive to deliver results, please fill the form and and we will get back to you in no time.

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Our Job Openings

Job Role Description
ASM General Trade Salary for KAM/ASM Upto 7 LPA, with min 5-10 years and FMCG Preferred with MBA must.
Location: ASM Western UP + Uttarakhand, ASM Pune, ASM Mumbai, ASM Aurangabad, ASM Kerala, ASM Coastal Odisha, ASM Karnataka, ASM Rajasthan
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KAE Modern Trade Salary for KAE/SO/SR Upto 5 LPA, with min 2-7 years and FMCG Preferred with Graduation or MBA must.
Location: Kerala - KAE + KAM, Jharkhand - KAE, MP - KAE, Punjab - KAE + KAM, Rajasthan - KAE, Delhi NCR - KAE + KAM, Gujrat - 2 KAE + KAM, Tamil Nadu - KAE, Haryana - KAE, Chhattisgarh - KAE, Lucknow - KAE
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SALES (MODERN TRADE) Salary for KAE/ Upto 5 LPA, with min2-7 years and FMCG Preferred with Graduation or MBA must
Salary for KAM Upto 8 LPA, with min 5-10 years and FMCG Preferred with MBA must
Location: KAM - Mumbai, KAM - Kerala, KAE - Orissa/Patna/Kolkata/Rajasthan
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SALES (GENERAL TRADE) Salary for ASM Upto 7 LPA, with min5-10 years and FMCG Only (Concentrate on FOOD FMCG CO. experience holders.) with MBA must
Location: ASM - Mumbai, ASM - Aurangabad, ASM - Nagpur, ASM - Gujrat, ASM - Jaipur
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