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We endeavor to strive together with passion, unity of purpose, and unconventional thinking, to be a dynamic front running brand, which is greatly valued & trusted for its efficacy and superior quality.

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Workplace Culture

A company is the sum of its people. Without our employees, we would be unable to realise any of our goals.
So, we ensure our employees have a good work-life balance and encourage them to play as hard as they work.
Our regular events help bring teams together as they have some fun!


Christmas cheer

Santa came to Apis and cheered our team on as they won games, sang songs, and indulged in their favourite foods. A fun day that was jolly and bright, just like Christmas!


Cricket with colleagues

A great match is a display of great teamwork. Apis employees came together to display their cricket brilliance in a game that was competitive and enjoyable in equal measure. Team players teased and cheered each other in good spirit!

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Honey and Amla: A Unique and Healthful Combination

Amla, also known as the Indian Gooseberry, is a miraculous berry that can be eaten raw, pickled, juiced, etc. According to Ayurveda, the fruit helps people balance the three doshas—Kappa, Vitta, and Pitta—if we eat it every day. In Sanskrit, this nutrient-dense superfood is also known as "Amlakhi," which translates to "Nectar of Life." It has the highest level of Vitamin C when compared to other Vitamin C-rich fruits. On the other hand, honey is well recognised as a natural sweetener with significant nutritional value. As the "Queen of Sweetness," 100% pure Himalayahoney made by bees provides wonderful health advantages that can assist you with everything from shedding extra pounds to minimizing fine lines on your face. It is now well known that amla and honey can shiel,Read more.....


FIVE LIP-SMACKING SUMMER DRINKS TO MAKE WITH HONEY As we welcome summer, let us beat the heat with some tasty summer beverages. Here are five selected summer drinks that are easy to prepare and good for your body.   Come summer, our taste buds crave for cool sips of nectareous drinks.  While water is ofcourse the best drink to have, there can be other alternatives to quench our thirst as well as keep our bodies cool. Traditionally, we have had numerous summer drinks in our cuisine. However, with time, we have either replaced them with easily available packaged drinks or botched up the recipe with sugar, food colours, soda and what not. There are a few summer drinks which are really easy to make. Add honey to them and they become the best thing abou,Read more.....


LIGHT AND HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS FOR SUMMER As the mercury picks up, the body starts to react differently to food and digestion. It’s time we change a few items and recipes on our breakfast table so as to keep it light and easy on our metabolism. Here are some quick and easy breakfast ideas for summer.   It’s always a good idea to start your day with a healthy breakfast. For us in India, along with the nutritional factor, taste is a priority. Summer brings along a bunch of fresh fruits and veggies. Bring them together with the range of Apis breakfast foods and you have a healthy, vibrant and tasty breakfast to make your mornings a little brighter. Here are a few selected breakfast recipes for the summer season.   Cornflakes Upma C,Read more.....

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Apis Pure Foodstuff Trading LLC
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