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We endeavor to strive together with passion, unity of purpose, and unconventional thinking, to be a dynamic front running brand, which is greatly valued & trusted for its efficacy and superior quality.

Workplace Culture

A company is the sum of its people. Without our employees, we would be unable to realise any of our goals.
So, we ensure our employees have a good work-life balance and encourage them to play as hard as they work.
Our regular events help bring teams together as they have some fun!


Christmas cheer

Santa came to Apis and cheered our team on as they won games, sang songs, and indulged in their favourite foods. A fun day that was jolly and bright, just like Christmas!


Cricket with colleagues

A great match is a display of great teamwork. Apis employees came together to display their cricket brilliance in a game that was competitive and enjoyable in equal measure. Team players teased and cheered each other in good spirit!

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Apis Dates

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Dates are the Powerhouse of Ramadan

“A miracle dryfruit to rely on” The holy month of Ramadan occurs in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar,and is observed by several Islamicfollowers worldwide. This festivalis symbolic of their commitment toward community and God,reflected through prayers and fasting. What is Ramadan? It begins from one sighting of the crescent moon to the next, and is spread over 29-30 days.During this period, believers dedicate their love and concerns to Allah by fasting from dawn at around 4 -5.30 am to dusk around 7- 7.30pm. The pre-dawn meal is referred to as “suhur” and the night meal, which breaks the fast, is called “iftar.” Fasting continues through the day without water, food or consumptionof anythin,Read more.....


Apis presents a range of green tea, which is hand-picked from the best tea gardens and brings you the most authentic taste with the perfect texture. Adding healthiest beverages i.e. Apis Green Tea to your diet is beneficial for your overall health. The 2 Variants of Apis Green tea are: 1 .Classic Green tea- Classic Green tea is made from unoxidized leaves. The antioxidant properties of green tea promote a healthy metabolism and also help eliminate free radicals in the body and boosts metabolic rate & reduces fat. 2.  Tulsi green tea- Tulsi green tea has antioxidant properties which promotes a healthy metabolism and also helps to eliminate free radicals in the body. Apis Tulsi Green Tea boosts metabolic rate, reduces fat, is an excellent stress reliever, improv,Read more.....

Apis Apple Cider Vinegar - The Miraculous Remedy For Your Wellness

Apis Apple cider vinegar is a healthy delight which comes straight from the heart of Himalayas. It is purely natural as it is unfiltered, unpasteurized and raw. Taking it every morning with water is the easiest and the healthiest way to lead a healthy lifestyle. It has been a popular home remedy and people have utilized it for a really long time in cooking and medication. It has different healthful properties, including antioxidants and antimicrobial effects. Apis Apple cider vinegar is effective and helps to improve your health and prevent infections. It is a great remedy to maintains a healthy lifestyle filled with beneficial nutrients. Apis Apple cider vinegar can add an exceptional magic to your health. Let’s start with the Nutritional composition that makes it so specia,Read more.....

Overseas Unit

International operation


Apis Pure Foodstuff Trading LLC
Skyway International Industries FZE
TP030603, National industries Park
Dubai- UAE

Ph: +971-43439442

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