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Alshafi Honey brings you pure natural honey sourced from the beautiful valleys of Himalyas. Our amazing range of honey is now available in convenient packaging!

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Bulk & institutions:- Bulk & Institutions:- We offer bulk packaging specifically for brands and industries which employ its services for the production of various types of eatables. The pack types include drum packing and bucket packing.

Private labels:- The services of the organization extend beyond the self-owned brands of the organization. The company also serves various private label honey players in the industry who require its services.

This export product
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Our Business


Our processing set up has been set to meet all European Union Standards with a capacity to process 100 tonnes per day with a homogenization capacity of 120 MT’s and filtration capability up to 5 microns at each of our three factories.

Apis Infused honey


A world-class laboratory set up that stringently holds extensive quality control assurances to meet a product of international standard. All production facilities are aligned to the ISO 22000:2005 Standards from procurement to processing and till final delivery. Robust QC procedures have been put forth with a well-documented process that ensures traceability until the beekeeper level.

The lab tests for antibiotic traces and various other parameters to meet the strict product requirements as laid down by our various buyers with a clear focus to deliver quality food products.


Our bottling plant is equipped to handle small packing in 6 gms to 4.5 kg packs while it also caters to bulk packing requirements from 25 to 230 kgs.

We offer Blister; Glass bottle, Pet Jars (Bear and Hexagon shapes), Upside down bottles and Squeezy bottles.

apis jam

Benefits of Honey!

  • For Weight Loss

    Honey is particularly helpful for individuals trying to maintain their body weight to an optimal level. When taken with warm water, honey breaks down the excessive fat deposits in the body, ensuring weight loss. Compared to weight loss products, which eventually cause harm to the body, honey is a naturally safe alternative.

  • For Energy & Performance

    Compared to table sugar which has only 15 calories, an equal amount of honey has 64 calories. This means, when consumed honey gives more energy for the body to maintain its metabolic functions. Therefore, honey has been a trusted food for energy, especially for athletes. Because of its ergogenic properties, honey contributes to performance boost, optimal blood sugar, muscle recuperation, and regulating insulin levels in the body.

  • As A Rich Source of Vitamins & minerals

    Depending on the source from which honey is extracted, honey contains essential vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, C, iron, and calcium. Consumption of honey helps nourish the body with essential substances required for its proper functioning and development.

  • As A Natural Antiseptioc

    Honey’s holistic properties include its antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. In traditional medicines, honey is therefore an important ingredient for treating common bacterial and fungal infections.

  • As a Natural Antioxidant

    Free radicals present in the body cause damage to the body’s cells and tissues. The human body requires antioxidants to remove the free radicals which cause cancers and heart diseases. The natural polyphenols found in honey are powerful antioxidants, which remove the free radicals thereby maintaining health. Additionally, the antioxidants in honey can also lower the blood pressure, reducing the risks from cardiovascular diseases. The antioxidants also fight against illnesses.

  • As a Skin Care Solution

    Honey has been used for aesthetic purposes especially to return vigour and beauty to skin. When applied together with milk, honey creates a smooth, flawless skin. Real honey is also used for softening hair texture and for glowing skin.

  • For Wound Healing

    Research indicates that honey promotes wound healing for burns, bacterial infections, and pressure ulcers. Not only does honey possess antimicrobial properties, it also deodourises wounds, helps in stopping the infection from spreading to other tissues, initiates wound healing, acts as anti-inflammatory agent, and prevents permanent scarring. It is also used in autolytic debridement. The benefits of using honey are impressive and research continues to come up that establishes these benefits. If you are looking for alternative healing, a method that does not harm your body, honey could be your starting point to a long, rich, and healthy life.

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